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November 2015: GetReligion


Hey journalists, if the Greater Church of Lucifer says it’s not Satanic, check it out. Published Nov. 2.

Reading, writing, arithmetic — and the Rapture: Welcome to a real Texas Supreme Court case. Published Nov. 3.

Big news report card: Grading coverage of Houston’s defeated ordinance on gays, transgenders. Published Nov. 4.

Attorney for suspect in Oklahoma State parade crash mentions God … and crickets chirp. Published Nov. 5.

5Q+1 interview: Ken Chitwood on teaching ‘Religion and the News’ at University of Florida. Published Nov. 9.

Crime Reporting 101: Into sad tale of murder, blood and drugs, enter God and forgiveness. Published Nov. 10.

Delving into CNN’s ‘dirty little secret’ about religious conversions and Ben Carson. Published Nov. 11.

Wow! Wall Street Journal demonstrates how to cover gay rights vs. religious liberty. Published Nov. 12.

In story on Paris attacks, U.S. politics and Syrian refugees, is there any room for theology? Published Nov. 16.

‘Would Jesus take in Syrian refugees?’: Washington Post asks the right question. Published Nov. 17.

Most U.S. Christians believe Muslim values are out of sync with America, but why? Published Nov. 18.

Here’s what’s missing in that Associated Press story on America’s Little Syria. Published Nov. 22.

Three things to know about ‘Spotlight,’ the new movie about journalists investigating clergy sexual abuse. Published Nov. 23.

$15 million lawsuit threat: Muslim ‘clock boy’ Ahmed Mohamed looking to strike it rich? Published Nov. 24.

How to fix children’s Sunday school? Get rid of the Bible, Wall Street Journal reports. Published Nov. 25.

A tale of two Colorado Springs media streams: crazed gunman vs. anti-abortion soldier. Published Nov. 30.

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