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October 2015: GetReligion


Same-sex wedding cake wars draw more headlines — and more RNS snark. Published Oct. 1.

‘Are you a Christian?’: Grading media coverage of faithful after Oregon mass shooting. Published Oct. 5.

Say what!? Associated Press quotes a gay-rights activist, calls him a Baptist minister. Published Oct. 6.

From faith and forgiveness to a furor over finances at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church. Published Oct. 7.

In coverage of evangelical conference on homosexuality, why’s it all about the protesters? Published Oct. 8.

#Duh: Yes, hashtag advocacy is an ethical question for journalists. Published Oct. 12.

Wait, Jim Romenesko is new editor of Religion News Service? Nope, but welcome Jerome Socolovsky. Published Oct. 13.

Shocking! Leading Southern Baptist urges Christians not to attend same-sex weddings. Published Oct. 14.

Feature on inspirational Texas Rangers fan is a joy to read, except for a holy ghost. Published Oct. 15.

About the Republican presidential race and that ‘Christian army’ assembled Sunday in Texas. Published Oct. 19.

Detroit Tigers pitcher with cancer believes in ‘power of prayer,’ but why? Published Oct. 20.

Are two more major American newspapers dropping the Godbeat? Say it ain’t so. Published Oct. 21.

In an email, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis says she’s a ‘soldier for Christ’ — so what? Published Oct. 22.

Budget woes on the mission field? Wall Street Journal has the intriguing story. Published Oct. 26.

Faith of Kansas City Royals’ Ben Zobrist: ‘a missionary in the big leagues.’ Published Oct. 27.

As Associated Press extols LGBT protections, looking for an anti-HERO in Houston. Published Oct. 28.

How ’bout a little context to go with outrage over Muslims in Veterans Day parade? Published Oct. 30.

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