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September 2015: GetReligion


Wait, did Pope Francis just change Catholic doctrine on abortion? Or did he simply tell people to go to confession? Published Sept. 1.

God vs. god: In reporting on religion, sometimes a typo really is just a typo. Published Sept. 2.

For Boston Globe, a crazy question concerning New Hampshire and John Kasich’s faith. Published Sept. 3.

Veteran New York Times religion writer declares: ‘This work is getting harder.’ Published Sept. 8.

From Jennifer Berry Hawes, another powerful story with strong religion content on Emanuel AME. Published Sept. 9.

Ben Carson takes on Donald Trump’s faith, and CNN commits three sins against journalist’s bible. Published Sept. 10.

A newsman’s faith: David Gregory opens up about his spiritual journey. Published Sept. 11.

Religious liberty advocates split on Kentucky clerk’s stance? Yes, Associated Press reports. Published Sept. 14.

Las Vegas churches love coffee, except for maybe – hmmmm – can you think of anybody? Published Sept. 15.

About UFOs, Trump and that poll showing lots of Americans still believe Obama is a Muslim. Published Sept. 16.

From Washington Post story on #IStandWithAhmed, three words that don’t belong in a news story. Published Sept. 17.

Listen! Eric Metaxas gives GetReligion a shoutout in interview of David Gregory. Published Sept. 21.

Revisiting ESPN’s Man in the Van: Why was this pitcher baptized in his baseball uniform? Published Sept. 22.

Reporter does it all: gushes over Francis, receives blessing, covers papal trip for CNN. Published Sept. 23.

Popemania: How much coverage of Francis’ visit to U.S. is too much? Published Sept. 24.

Popemania, the Sequel: Have we reached overload on coverage of Francis’ visit to U.S.? Published Sept. 25.

Huh!? Aboard papal plane, Francis backs Kim Davis, disputes notion of Catholic divorce? Published Sept. 28.

Bible-thumping playboy: Associated Press explores faith, contradictions of Donald Trump. Published Sept. 29.

‘Whoa, that’s a scoop’: About that surprising news that Pope Francis met with Kim Davis. Published Sept. 30.

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