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August 2015: GetReligion


Ghostbusters: Solving faith mystery of CEO who cut his $1 million salary to pay employees more. Published Aug. 3.

Hard-hitting journalism on Baptist church’s acceptance of same-sex marriage? Not exactly. Published Aug. 4.

Hey, enjoy some pretend journalism on ‘a fake church in a real church.’ Published Aug. 5.

Mennonite husband and wife say they have no hatred toward gays; media say they’re ‘anti-gay.’ Published Aug. 6.

An out atheist in holy NFL? ESPN and the long, long ‘Confession of Arian Foster.’ Published Aug. 10.

Franklin Graham’s $880,000 annual compensation: Charlotte Observer asks how much is too much. Published Aug. 11.

Is the pope Catholic?: The best tweets about that viral correction from The Times of London. Published Aug. 12.

Close shave: Dallas Morning News clips crucial religion content from prison beards story. Published Aug. 13.

Icing on the cake: This time, Associated Press more properly frames same-sex wedding dispute. Published Aug. 18.

Media org wants to cover Bible Belt ‘culture’ better, so it lays off religion writer — huh!? Published Aug. 19.

5Q+1 interview: Melissa Binder on the thriving Godbeat in America’s least-religious city. Published Aug. 20.

AP produces a nice feature on Episcopal monks’ ‘silent sanctuary,’ but not without a few ghosts. Published Aug. 21.

Battling cancer, Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday school — but do news reports reflect actual content of his lesson? Published Aug. 24.

About that disputed removal of Jesus picture from Kansas school — what was the legal reason? Published Aug. 25.

Ten years after Katrina, looking for God in the anniversary news coverage. Published Aug. 26.

Concerning Mormons sticking with Boy Scouts, a little creativity goes a long way. Published Aug. 27.

#RNA2015: Yes, Peter Smith wins again as Religion Newswriters Association honors best of the Godbeat. Published Aug. 31.

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