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July 2015: GetReligion


For journalists, three crucial things to consider linked to #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches. Published July 1.

5Q+1 interview: Pulitzer winner Jennifer Berry Hawes on the Godbeat, the Charleston shooting and black church fires. Published July 2.

Religion vs. history? Something’s missing in coverage of that banned Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma. Published July 3.

Louisville Courier-Journal offers a case study in biased media coverage of same-sex marriage. Published July 7.

‘God is my gun,’ says woman quoted in superficial Reuters story on church security. Published July 8.

Thank you, Los Angeles Times, for delving deeper into that Ten Commandments case in Oklahoma. Published July 9.

A reader asks: Where can I find unbiased journalism? Here’s my answer … Published July 12.

Concerning Hispanic evangelicals and the death penalty: Dig a little deeper, please. Published July 14.

Aborted baby parts for sale: Did journalists drag their feet on Planned Parenthood story? Published July 15.

Religious freedom buffet: Los Angeles Times scattershoots on same-sex marriage decision. Published July 16.

In Chattanooga, journalists ask the obvious question: What role did gunman’s religion play? Published July 17.

No ghosts here: Powerful, insightful profile of South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley a must read. July 21.

Paranoia and outrage over a proposed Muslim cemetery in Texas: What are the facts? Published July 22.

A trend worth reporting: Philadelphia Inquirer explores multisite churches. Published July 23.

‘Modest’ bathing suits featured on Wall Street Journal’s front page — what’s religion got to do with it? Published July 24.

B-I-B-L-E with a lowercase ‘b’: Hey Wall Street Journal, what’s up with that? Published July 27.

Boy Scouts, church-based troops and the threat of lawsuits — about that big vote on gay leaders. Published July 28.

‘Book of Mormon’ opens in Salt Lake City to a sold-out crowd and fair coverage by AP. Published July 29.

Planned Parenthood reporting ‘done right’ – the name on this byline won’t surprise you. Published July 30.

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