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May 2015: GetReligion


Dallas Morning News revisits Ebola crisis and Baptist church’s embrace of victim’s fiancée. Published May 1.

Basic facts crucial on shooting outside Texas contest for cartoons depicting Muhammad. Published May 4.

Good grief, Los Angeles Times: Site of Texas shooting linked to Muhammad cartoon contest is no ‘small town.’ Published May 6.

Muslims in Texas: Stereotyping mars New York Times’ otherwise excellent front-page story. Published May 7.

Speaking of ‘so-called values issues,’ let’s stop editorializing by saying ‘so-called.’ Published May 8.

In the wake of Ebola, New York Times explores Liberia’s ‘crisis of faith.’ Published May 12.

Vermont church bell dispute: AP chimes in but fails to produce ‘joyful noise.’ Published May 13.

There’s cheese, but where’s religious beef in New York Times story on Scott Walker and Paul Ryan? Published May 14.

Curious about the religion of the 2016 presidential candidates? Check out RNS’ impressive ‘5 faith facts.’ Published May 15.

Mercy vs. justice: What do religious leaders say about the death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber? Published May 19.

‘Physician-assisted suicide’ gets scare quotes, but ‘aid-in-dying’ doesn’t. Why? Published May 20.

In Illinois, gay conversion therapy bill passes, and front-page Chicago Tribune story misses the mark. Published May 21.

Pod people: Talking scare quotes, red flags and other ‘controversial’ tools of religion journalism. Published May 23.

A killer and a theologian: Touching CNN story gets jailhouse religion — and journalism. Published May 26.

Regarding that maligned study on same-sex marriage opinions: What Poynter said. Published May 27.

Three keys to quality journalism on the Godbeat, and one All-Star who’s mastered all three. Published May 28.

Will Indiana’s new religious freedom law open up the state to a pot-smoking church? Published May 29.

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