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Time for a quiz: Which major-league teams draw the most — and least — fans?

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By Bobby Ross Jr.

In my post on enjoying baseball in a nearly empty stadium, I hope I didn’t give the wrong impression.

Some critics like to make the case that baseball is dying (example here if you enjoy Chicken Little).

But the truth is different: 

In the 2014 season, major-league baseball drew 73.7 million fans — the seventh highest total of all time.

Just for fun, here’s a quiz to assess your knowledge of the most popular — and least popular — teams:

1. Which team drew the most fans to home games in 2014 (an average of nearly 47,000 per game, for a total of 3.8 million)?

A. Cubs

B. Dodgers

C. Phillies

D. Yankees

2. Which two teams drew the least fans to home games in 2014 (an average of roughly 18,000 per game, for a total of less than 1.5 million each)?

A. Rays and White Sox

B. Marlins and White Sox

C. Indians and Rays

D. Rays and Athletics

3. Which five teams drew 3 million or more fans each to home games in 2014?

A. Dodgers, Cardinals, Yankees, Giants, Angels

B. Cubs, Angels, Phillies, Mets, Red Sox

C. Dodgers, Yankees, Reds, Rangers, Cubs

D. Red Sox, Cubs, Tigers, Rockies, Orioles

4. Which team drew the most fans (an average of 35,000-plus) to away games in 2014?

A. Cubs

B. Red Sox

C. Dodgers

D. Yankees

5. Which team drew the least fans (an average of less than 27,000) to away games in 2014?

A. Astros, just below Royals

B. Twins, just below Royals

C. Royals, just below Twins

D. Twins, just below Astros

Answers below (or click here).

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Answers: 1 (B). 2 (C). 3 (A). 4 (D). 5 (C).

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