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February 2015: GetReligion


News vs. advocacy: Time reports on an evangelical church coming out for same-sex marriage. Published Feb. 3.

Context, please: About the ‘controversial statements’ by San Francisco’s ‘conservative’ archbishop. Published Feb. 4.

Temptation, two Timothys and the Los Angeles Times’ take on a pastor to California lawmakers. Published Feb. 5.

Same-sex wedding cakes: Journalistic framing again comes into play. Published Feb. 6.

Washington Post delves deeper into whether Jews will flee France in wake of kosher market attack. Published Feb. 10.

Kayla Mueller’s faith: What was God’s role in life of American killed while being held by Islamic State? Published Feb. 11.

No surprise, but Godbeat pro Peter Smith produces an excellent story on married Eastern Catholic priests. Published Feb. 12.

No gray area: Look what happened when a Godbeat pro covered ’50 Shades of Grey.’ Published Feb. 13.

Anchor for his soul: NBC’s Lester Holt described as ‘a humble and loving Christian.’ Published Feb. 17.

Miracle of technology bites Houston Chronicle and mars excellent reporting on faith-healing evangelist. Published Feb. 18.

NPR’s new religion correspondent reports on ‘extreme anti-theism’ as possible motive in Muslim deaths. Published Feb. 19.

Surprise, a pretty bouquet! Los Angeles Times covers both sides of same-sex wedding flowers lawsuit. Published Feb. 20.

New York Times revisits Catholic-bred beheading victim James Foley’s reported conversion to Islam. Published Feb. 24.

Living on a prayer: Presidential contender’s God talk mocked. Published Feb. 25.

What’s faith got to do with it? An embattled homeless shelter takes in ‘anyone and everyone,’ but why? Published Feb. 26.

Godbeat news: A funding boost at USC’s Knight Chair and a new religion writer posting in Louisville. Published Feb. 27.

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