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January 2015: GetReligion


‘Devout Muslim’ killer?: New York Times profiles gunman who assassinated two New York City police officers. Published Jan. 3.

Welcome to 2015: New year brings happy new developments to the Godbeat. Published Jan. 6.

At least 12 dead as terrorists strike French satirical newspaper ‘that lampooned the Prophet Mohammad.’ Published Jan. 7.

Muhammad, satire and blasphemy: In wake of Charlie Hebdo attack, exploring what Muslims really believe. Published Jan. 8.

Disparity in news coverage: As many as 2,000 dead in Nigeria, but France dominates front pages. Published Jan. 13.

Damage already done? Charlotte Observer replaces slanted report on gay substitute teacher let go by Catholic high school. Published Jan. 14.

Three things I liked about The Washington Post’s story on French Muslims torn by ‘I am Charlie’ slogan. Published Jan. 15.

Part-time Godbeat: The Tennessean reports — briefly — on a local PCUSA vote on same-sex marriage. Published Jan. 16.

Religion ghosts in media coverage of 7-year-old who survived plane crash that killed her family? Pastor says yes. Published Jan. 20.

For Supreme Court, it’s all about that Muslim beard — or was religious liberty case really about Hobby Lobby? Published Jan. 21.

Terri Schiavo case revisited: What role did faith play in Jeb Bush’s fight to keep her alive? Published Jan. 22.

Culture war of cakes: Associated Press story on gay rights, religious freedom less than perfect. Published Jan. 23.

Journalistic story baking? Via World magazine, Colorado man denies requesting ‘God hates gays’ cake. Published Jan. 27.

Washington Post story on same-sex marriage in Oklahoma is long on emotion, short on religious insight. Published Jan. 28.

Is the American Family Association really a hate group? AP needs to tell both sides of the story. Published Jan. 29.

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