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Modern-day Job preaching again


Modern-day Job preaching again (reporting from Ridgeland, Miss.): After the murders of his wife and son, Mississippi minister Les Ferguson Jr. wrestled with God.

RIDGELAND, Miss. — Les Ferguson Jr. couldn’t help but scream at God.

Why — the longtime minister demanded to know — didn’t the Almighty protect his wife and son from the predator who murdered them?

In his darkest days, Ferguson couldn’t imagine ever trusting in the Lord again, much less proclaiming the Gospel before a crowd of saints and sinners in a tree-shaded church building.

Yet on a recent Sunday, that’s exactly where he stood — preaching on faith and doubt at the Lake Harbour Drive Church of Christ, a racially diverse congregation north of the state capital of Jackson.

“True confession time: There were mighty dark days,” Ferguson told the 211 souls who filled the pews. “There were nights of questioning and wondering. There were days and nights, hour upon hour of screaming at God until I completely lost my voice and couldn’t say another word.”

But with the Lake Harbour Drive church, the modern-day Job has found his voice again and revived his calling.

This story appears in the mid-December 2014 print edition of The Christian Chronicle.

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