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November 2014: GetReligion


Did the devil make an Oklahoma man smash into Ten Commandments monument? Or did mental illness? Published Nov. 3.

Big Bang and Bobby Jindal: Is Louisiana governor’s silence on pope’s evolution remarks newsworthy? Published Nov. 4.

No pepperoni, plenty of ghosts: Generic Christians open a pizza cafe as a vague ‘experiment of faith.’ Published Nov. 6.

Five for Friday: Zombies and other Godbeat headlines that you may have missed. Published Nov. 7.

Giant, smelly snails in Florida: Could there really be a religion angle to this story? Published Nov. 11.

Big news report card: Mormon church acknowledges founder Joseph Smith’s many wives. Published Nov. 12.

Amen to former GetReligionista’s question: Why’d a Muslim NBA player skip the national anthem? Published Nov. 13.

Pod people: More on Mormon church founder Joseph Smith’s 40 wives and the media’s delayed bandwagon. Published Nov. 14.

Another American beheaded: Peter Kassig became a Muslim while in captivity, but was his conversion genuine? Published Nov. 17.

5Q+1 interview: Godbeat pro Peter Smith discusses his in-depth project on immigrant religion in Pittsburgh. Published Nov. 19.

Don’t oppress a stranger: President Obama quotes Scripture in his immigration speech, but which one? Published Nov. 21.

Scripture, social media and online comments: Post on President Obama quoting the Bible offers a case study. Published Nov. 23.

In advance of Ferguson grand jury decision, something’s missing when Los Angeles Times goes to church. Published Nov. 24.

Once again, #Ferguson defies easy analysis and understanding but demands solid journalism and context. Published Nov. 25.

Christians and suicide: New York Times reports on evangelicals embracing talk of mental illness. Published Nov. 29.

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