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October 2014: GetReligion


In beheading case, The Oklahoman digs and uncovers the crucial, sometimes conflicting details. Published Oct. 1.

What is this? Long on excitement, short on attribution, USA Today declares gay marriage ‘inevitable.’ Published Oct. 2.

Holy ghosts in Hong Kong: Is there a religion angle on the democracy protests? Published Oct. 3.

How to write a sensationalistic headline: ‘Can these Texas churches survive Ebola?’ Published Oct. 7.

Ghost of Cowtown: That crucial missing question in Texas story on Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity. Published Oct. 8.

Reuters and religious freedom: When a two-sided news story really only tells one. Published Oct. 9.

5Q+1 interview: From holy pig wrestling to Mass outside a Packers game, Holly Meyer has the Godbeat covered. Published Oct. 10.

Beyond immigration: Story on Chicago’s new archbishop veers into abortion, same-sex marriage and contraception. Published Oct. 13.

Houston, we have a church-state controversy: Sermons, subpoenas and the First Amendment. Published Oct. 15.

Big scoop for Sarah: Former GetReligionista scores exclusive on Mark Driscoll resignation. Published Oct. 16.

‘Where’s the beef!?’ in TV station’s report on Oklahoma petition asking Muslims to ‘go home.’ Published Oct. 17.

As the Hillsong world turns, questions about sex, the media and what a pastor said. Published Oct. 20.

Religious liberty in Idaho: Going to the chapel, and we’re going to get married … maybe. Published Oct. 22.

‘Magic underwear’ is offensive term, but AP uncritically accepts church’s PR spin on Mormon undergarments. Published Oct. 23.

Southern evangelicals dwindling?: RNS blogger examines the numbers behind The Atlantic’s claims. Published Oct. 24.

Ebola-free nurse Nina Pham thanks God, and The Dallas Morning News takes notice. Published Oct. 27.

Is it a fact? Catholic-bred beheading victim James Foley converted to Islam, New York Times reports. Published Oct. 29.

5Q+1 interview: From God and guns to Death Row salvation, JoAnne Viviano excels reporting on faith and values. Published Oct. 30.

Speaking of religion and politics, this is not your run-of-the-mill cause for pastor activism … Published Oct. 31.

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