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August 2014: GetReligion


Low-budget Bible Belt films meet the bright lights of Hollywood. Published Aug. 5.

These Christians have found a way around Obamacare, but is it a good deal? Published Aug. 6.

Gay Games and the Godbeat: a religion writer explores the treatment of gays. Published Aug. 8.

Pro-abortion bias in news story on Catholic universities? Well, duh. Published Aug. 12.

Believe it or not, atheist churches on the rise deep in the heart of Texas. Published Aug. 13.

Amen to this question: ‘What the hell is happening in Ferguson, Mo.?’ Published Aug. 14.

Pod people: Vigils, protests and church activism in wake of #Ferguson. Published Aug. 15.

In #Ferguson, a tale of two churches — one white, one black. Published Aug. 19.

God and journalism: American reportedly beheaded by ISIS wrote about his faith. Published Aug. 20.

It’s a ‘miraculous day’ for Ebola patient Dr. Kent Brantly, but what role did prayer play? Published Aug. 21.

TGIF: For Friday fulfillment, five female-friendly faith features. Published Aug. 22.

Slain U.S. journalist James Foley was ‘living his faith,’ and the media take notice. Published Aug. 26.

Faith and gambling: Story exploring one city’s ‘god with a small g’ hit the jackpot. Published Aug. 27.

Who says print is dead? Check out how much space this religion story got. Published Aug. 28.

Suds in the bucket: More on dirty laundry and faith-based outreach. Published Aug. 29.

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