Religion Unplugged

July 2014: GetReligion


New York Times revisits abortion buffer zone ruling. Published July 1.

ESPN features pastor who loves umpires, hates baseball. Published July 2.

Big news report card: Hobby Lobby and contraceptives. Published July 3.

Al Jazeera America: a solid piece of religion journalism? Published July 7.

Babies and holy ghosts in Texas surrogate pregnancies story. Published July 8.

Surprise! Same-sex couples produce happier kids, media say. Published July 10.

Pod people: Grading the grades on Supreme Court coverage. Published July 12.

Hero or troubled soul: Dallas pastor takes his life. Published July 14.

A chilling account of Boko Haram targeting Christians. Published July 15.

On Hobby Lobby, explain that ‘deeply held religious belief.’ Published July 17.

A little more context on that charismatic pastor, please. Published July 18.

Big news report card: Oklahoma same-sex marriage ruling. Published July 21.

‘Sin’ gets scare quote treatment in Portland, Ore. Published July 22.

Trend or not? Evangelicals reportedly questioning the Bible. Published July 24.

Those pesky religious details in Palestinian-Israel conflict. Published July 26.

Migrant children crossing the border: the religion angle. Published July 28.

Lovers and labels in coverage of same-sex marriage ruling. Published July 29.

Can a laundromat replace the traditional church? Published July 31.

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