Religion Unplugged

May 2014: GetReligion


Newspaper reporter critiqued by GetReligion fires back. Published May 2.

Little argument, and little religion, after botched execution. Published May 5.

NBA MVP Kevin Durant thanks God, but media fail to notice. Published May 7.

Putting a real face on Pew’s Latino religious identity survey. Published May 8.

AP’s one-sided report on teaching Bible in public schools. Published May 9.

NYTimes leans to the right in Christian legal profile? Published May 13.

WSJ profiles Nigerian terrorist with no mention of ‘Christians.’ Published May 15.

How much religion news can fit in 300-500 words? Published May 15.

WPost profiles ‘evangelical Catholic’ Bobby Jindal. Published May 18.

Baptists ‘unofficially’ changing doctrine on homosexuality? Published May 20.

Forget Genesis: Adam and Eve make NYTimes front page. Published May 21.

No ghosts in WSJ’s thorough report on Nigerian bombings. Published May 22.

Worst religion story of the year? AP trashes Phil Robertson. Published May 23.

Hey Bible Belt believer: Why do YOU persecute atheists? Published May 27.

Whoa! Religion chapter added to AP Stylebook. Published May 28.

Boy, you got a prayer in … the drive-thru lane. Published May 29.

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