April 2014: GetReligion


Pod people: Hobby Lobby and the Mennonite angle. Published April 1.

And for a change, a ‘Noah’ movie story that sails smoothly. Published April 3.

About that ‘complex’ doctrine Catholic teachers must follow. Published April 4.

Final Four ghosts in long story on Kentucky’s Julius Randle. Published April 5.

Ghosts in story on Catholic schools: real or imagined? Published April 8.

Washington mudslide disaster: the heart of the matter. Published April 9. *

Via AP, a tasty piece on a same-sex wedding cake. Published April 10.

Salt Lake Tribune loses its faith, but not its @religiongal. Published April 11.

Politics, sin and serious reporting in Louisiana bayou country. Published April 15.

Is this Bible legislation legal? Quick, call and ask my pastor! Published April 16.

Two forgiveness stories that are worth your time. Published April 17.

What would Jesus tip? Be sure to ask … secular ethicists!? Published April 18.

Weed in Denver, but Easter news on other front pages. Published April 22.

Some compelling religion stories from Easter front pages. Published April 23.

More on politics, sin and Louisiana’s kissing congressman. Published April 24.

AP sticks it to Mississippi religious freedom law. Published April 25.

Same-sex marriage, religious freedom and a liberal twist. Published April 29.

Falwell’s 2014 Liberty: ‘Fundamentalist Baptist’ university? Published April 30.

Journalism, religion and a botched execution in Oklahoma. Published April 30.

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Author: Bobby Ross Jr.

Bobby Ross Jr. is an award-winning journalist who has reported from all 50 states and 14 countries.