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March 2014: GetReligion


Half-naked dancers and public prayers in Oklahoma City. Published March 1.

Dallas paper advocates for Methodist same-sex marriage. Published March 4.

5Q+1: CNN Godbeat pro on his remarkable Lampedusa story. Published March 5.

Dallas Morning News advocacy journalism, the prequel. Published March 6.

Kentucky church gun giveaway story shoots straight. Published March 7. *

Giving both sides a voice in Methodist same-sex debate. Published March 11.

Jews and Jesus: A ‘Spiritual Incursion’ in St. Louis. Published March 13.

Pod people: There really are two sides to every story, folks. Published March 13. *

A Hobby Lobby family profile that gets religion. Published March 18.

Say what!? A Phelps story even Joe Friday would approve. Published March 19.

Do Mormon women lack standing in their own faith? Pubished March 20.

Boo! No ghosts in WSJ coverage of rural-urban divide. Published March 21.

Surprise! Dallas Morning News finds a Methodist to quote. Published March 23.

Ready, set, go! Hobby Lobby at the Supremes. Published March 25.

Neon Trees rocker says he’s gay — and still Mormon. Published March 26. *

About those rough religious waters for the ‘Noah’ movie. Published March 27.

Can we let Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist rest in peace? Published March 28.

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