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February 2014: GetReligion


A ‘new twist’ in states’ same-sex marriage debates. Published Feb. 4.

God News? Can Christian and atheist swap lives for a month? Published Feb. 5. *

10 years of GetReligion: Women and the Godbeat. Published Feb. 7. *

10 years of GetReligion: Five things they didn’t tell me. Published Feb. 7.

5Q+1: Godbeat pro reflects on reporting inside Pakistan. Published Feb. 11.

Baring their souls: Seeking more coverage of naked church. Published Feb. 12.

Ghosts haunt AP story on Boy Scouts of America. Published Feb. 13. *

Same-sex marriage vs. religious liberty … another twist. Published Feb. 14.

Flowers, cakes and objections to same-sex weddings. Published Feb. 18.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere: hymns and happy hour? Published Feb. 19. *

Pod people: Local vs. national press on religious liberty. Published Feb. 20.

Religious freedom vs. gay discrimination in Arizona. Published Feb. 21.

Houston, we have a Presbyterian ‘evangelist’ problem. Published Feb. 25.

Mea culpa: Houston, this time the problem is me. Published Feb. 26.

If at first you don’t succeed … find another source. Published Feb. 27. *

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