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Live on the Internet: Sunday worship


Live on the Internet: Sunday worship — Online assemblies reach computer, smartphone users in isolated areas. Page 1.

No longer must Christians working in the Alaska North Slope oil fields miss Sunday services at the Anchorage Church of Christ, even though it’s hundreds of miles away.

In central Pennsylvania, residents of the Golden Living retirement center don’t need to leave the premises — or their wheelchairs — to witness the sermon at the Camp Hill Church of Christ.

In Russia, 20-year-old Elizabeth Kambonde, a student from the southern Africa nation of Namibia, can’t find a church home, so she sings along with a congregation around the globe — the Northside Church of Christ in Benton, Ark.

In an age of digital Bible apps, electronic tithing and sermon notes posted immediately to Twitter, Churches of Christ increasingly broadcast their Sunday assemblies on the Internet.

Live-streaming, it’s called.

“The streaming is quite consistent, so we worship in sync,” Kambonde said, “and that is an amazing experience.”

This story appears in the February 2014 print edition of The Christian Chronicle.

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