January 2014: GetReligion


NYT: Nuns, birth control and Obamacare. Published Jan. 2.

Wait, not all home-schooling is stupid and harmful!? Published Jan. 3.

An ‘atheist’ Adventist’s alienation: any missing voices? Published Jan. 7.

Wives, submission, web traffic and Candace Cameron Bure. Published Jan. 8. *

CNN finds missing voices in ‘atheist’ pastor’s media blitz. Published Jan. 9.

God, faith, Jahi McMath and church (or not). Published Jan. 10. *

Wind of change comes sweeping down the plain. Published Jan. 15.

New to the Godbeat in St. Louis: Lilly Fowler. Published Jan. 15.

A God-decided Super Bowl? 70 million Americans say yes. Published Jan. 16. *

Pod People: Prayer’s place in science, sports and submission. Published Jan. 18. *

Breaking news (again): Bible Belt divorce rates high. Published Jan. 20.

Religion ghost haunts’ Dodgers’ $215 million ace. Published Jan. 21.

‘This ain’t your  grandma’s church.’ Published Jan. 22. *

Shocking! Southern Baptist says wives should ‘submit’ to husbands. Published Jan. 24. *

‘Deeply religious man’ made a promise to God. Published Jan. 28.

All the experts say evolution story lacks WHAT!? Published Jan. 29.

Scoring spiritual points before Super Bowl Sunday. Published Jan. 30. *

Indiana family: Demons, possession and exorcism, oh my! Published Jan. 31. *

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Author: Bobby Ross Jr.

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