October 2013: GetReligion


A more graceful Ross joins GetReligion crew. Published Oct. 1. *

Kleenex alert: Tale of tragedy, irony and Christianity. Published Oct. 2. *

#RNA2013: Best in religion reporting honored. Published Oct. 3.

When religious liberty clashes with gay rights. Published Oct. 5.

Mormons softening opposition to homosexuality … or not. Published Oct. 8.

Warming the chair? WSJ laments the loss of the pew. Published Oct. 9. *

Hey atheists, ‘Thank God you’re wrong.’ Published Oct. 10.

Pod people: Facts are your friends, journalists. Published Oct. 11.

An ultra-Orthodox case that is anything but. Published Oct. 12. *

Bravo, Boston Globe: An Episcopal anti-violence winner. Published Oct. 15. *

Football and prayer story: touchdown or incomplete pass? Published Oct. 16.

Yes, that Virginia gubernatorial candidate has layers. Published Oct. 17.

No chat about afterlife inside death cafes? Published Oct. 22. *

Moore of the same, but still a worthy effort. Published Oct. 24.

Could Prince George’s baptism rekindle rite among British? Published Oct. 25. *

Forgetting the kippah or the crucifix (and the second why). Published Oct. 29. *

Universalism at play? Or is this church split only about sex? Published Oct. 30.

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Author: Bobby Ross Jr.

Bobby Ross Jr. is an award-winning journalist who has reported from all 50 states and 14 countries.