Religion Unplugged

June 2013: GetReligion

Churches dumping Boy Scouts over gay policy … or not? Published June 1.

Seven questions about Boy Scout gay policy coverage. Published June 5.

When the pastor has an affair and nobody’s talking. Published June 6.

Ghosts in interview with Navy SEAL sniper’s wife. Published June 7.

Pod people: ‘Mass exodus’ from Boy Scouts? Published June 8.

Southern Baptists on the downhill slide? Published June 10.

Calvinism debate shakes up Southern Baptist Convention. Published June 11.

‘Pray the gay away’ quote still lacks a named source. Published June 20.

‘Gaying the pray away, via the Washington Post. Published June 23.

Mormon missionaries: switching from bikes to iPads? Published June 25.

Obamacare, Medicaid, God and cameo journalism. Published June 27.

Same-sex marriage and a conscience clash, via CNN. Published June 29.

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