Religion Unplugged

March 2013: GetReligion

Way to go, Joe! Colorado civil-unions story hits the mark. Published March 1.

Inside the History Channel’s epic TV miniseries ‘The Bible.’ Published March 4.

Duck, duck, goose: Media miss faith angle on “Duck Dynasty.” Published March 6.

The new evangelical Goliath? Online ed at Liberty U. Published March 7.

Dudes with red hats deadlocked on pope winner. Published March 13.

Pope Francis on Page 1: Best and worst of local reax. Published March 14.

This wedding cake tastes a bit too sugary. Published March 19.

Putting a human face on illegal immigration. Published March 21.

A stone, but no tablet, at the emergency room. Published March 25.

Religion ghost in school voucher story? Published March 28.

Another hack piece by CNN … maybe. Published March 30.

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