Religion Unplugged

October 2012: GetReligion

Separation of church and Lone Star State. Published Oct. 2.

Church, Lone Star State and #RNA2012. Published Oct. 5.

#RNA2012: ‘Energized’ to tell great religion stories. Published Oct. 9.

#RNA2012: Godbeat’s ‘Susan Lucci’ takes second place. Published Oct. 10.

#RNA2012: Outside a Mormon temple wedding. Published Oct. 12.

#APStyleChat: Religion style in 140 characters or less. Published Oct. 17.

Capital punishment, abortion and a Catholic politician. Published Oct. 19.

Jeers, not cheers, for latest cheerleader story. Published Oct. 23.

MSM’s upside-down Chick-fil-A sandwich. Published Oct. 25.

Writing a puff piece: a how-to manual. Published Oct. 27.

Evangelicals warming to Mormon Romney? Published Oct. 29.

Halloween: trick or treat for Christians? Published Oct. 31.

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