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Family blessed after shooting

Family blessed after shooting. Faith in Memphis section. Aug. 31 online.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | For The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tenn.)

What kind of guy is Grant Edmonds?

“He’s the kind of guy,” Jeff Phillips told me, “who’ll show up and cut your yard, and you’ll not know who it was, and he’ll never tell you.

“He’s the kind of guy,” added Phillips, youth and involvement minister for the Covington Church of Christ, north of Memphis, Tenn., “who, if he saw somebody in need, would help them.”

In a word, he’s a “servant,” said his close friend and brother in Christ.

What kind of guy is Grant Edmonds? He’s the kind who, when a robber shoots him in the belly, covers the wound with his hand and drives himself to the hospital, according to friends, family and a Memphis police report.

Edmonds, the Covington church’s youth ministry deacon, works the second shift at a truck distribution center in Memphis. About 11 p.m. on a recent Tuesday, he exited a highway on his drive home. A car in front of his truck stopped. Another car blocked him from behind.

“A person ran up from the rear car, pointed a gun at him, got into the truck and made him drive off the main road,” his sister Laura Craft said. “He took $60, rifled through the glove box and shot Grant in the stomach.”

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