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Bible Bowls: Textual preparation or trivial pursuit?

Bible Bowls: Textual preparation or trivial pursuit? (reporting from Walled Lake, Mich.). Page 1.

WALLED LAKE, Mich. – It’s no secret that today’s young people value hands-on ministry: feeding the hungry, painting houses for the elderly, providing coats for the homeless.

Youths go on international mission trips and seek to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

But do they devote themselves to in-depth study of the Bible?

At the Walled Lake Church of Christ, they do — and the Great Lakes Bible Bowl is a major reason why.

“Bible Bowl is the most intense study our youth receive,” said Gregory Campbell, longtime youth and family minister at the 150-member church, 25 miles northwest of Detroit.

For three months each year, young people at Walled Lake prepare to match their Bible knowledge against that of their Michigan peers.

“It’s a lot of pizza and Scripture,” joked Kimber Kelley, who with her husband, David, coaches a junior team dubbed the Walled Lake Miracles.

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