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The Rookie, Part 2: Jim Morris’ life takes more extraordinary turns

THE ROOKIE, PART 2: After the movie about his life, Jim Morris’ journey takes more extraordinary turns (reporting from Abilene, Texas). Page 1.

First Place, Interview, Associated Church Press

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

ABILENE, Texas — Go play catch with Jim Morris.

The Jim Morris, that is.

The one whose real-life story Dennis Quaid portrayed in the 2002 Disney feature film “The Rookie.”

Mikey Weisinger, a teenager new to a Christian children’s home in Medina, Texas, about 225 miles south of Abilene, had seen the movie on cable television.

So he knew the story of Morris’ incredible journey from small-town science teacher and baseball coach to major-league pitcher.

Weisinger, sent to live at the group home because of family problems, didn’t know what to think of the man tossing baseballs back and forth. Was this a photo op for a celebrity? Or was Morris genuinely interested in him?

It didn’t take Weisinger long to figure out the answer.

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