Christian Chronicle

Singing, sweating and saving souls in West Virginia

Singing, sweating and saving souls in West Virginia (reporting from Parkersburg, W.Va.). Page 1 lead.

PARKERSBURG, W.VA. – The heat was on.

That’s what happens when you take 90-degree temperatures, on-fire-for-the-Lord church members and a 1950s-era high school field house with no air-conditioning — and put them all together.

Hundreds of hand fans fluttered, volunteers passed out ice-cold bottled water and sweat-drenched Christians wiped their foreheads with towels as the makeshift congregation assembled in this industrial, working-class city of 32,000 souls.

Thirteen Churches of Christ in West Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee supported the recent “Christ Is The Answer” door-knocking campaign and gospel meeting, working alongside volunteers from We Care Ministries, Sojourners, the “In Search of the Lord’s Way” television ministry and Ohio Valley University.

“The Mid-Ohio Valley churches have not had this type of cooperation and attendance since the 1960s,” said Alan Stephens, one of the campaign organizers.

PTC is short for Preacher Training Fun (reporting from Lewisville, Texas). Inside Story.

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