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Christian education in hard times

Christian education in hard times: Facing financial woes, more schools closing (reporting from Newark, Del.). Page 1 lead.

NEWARK, Del. – Thirty-six years ago, Newark Church of Christ leaders founded Aletheia Christian School and Child Care as a community outreach.

The dream: to educate children and nurture faith in Jesus Christ.

“It enabled us to serve the community, and through that service, it brought people to Christ,” said Richard Duzan, the school’s principal and one of five Newark church elders. “We touched the lives of thousands of kids and their families.”

But in June, the school will close — the victim of rising costs and declining enrollment.

In Charlotte, N.C., the same fate awaits the 24-year-old Providence Christian School — a ministry of the Providence Road Church of Christ — at the school year’s end.

“It hurts us deeply to have to take this action,” said Lee Thrasher, the Providence Road church’s executive minister.

Schools associated with Churches of Christ are feeling the pain of tough economic times. That’s particularly true, leaders say, for schools outside the fellowship’s traditional geographic strongholds.

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