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Canada: Struggle in a secular culture

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

TORONTO — Gerald Ellis is a rare breed at the Strathmore Boulevard Church of Christ.

He’s a native Canadian.

In this cosmopolitan city of 2.5 million residents — roughly half born outside of Canada — the 200-member congregation reflects the international population.

“We’re all God’s children, no matter what color,” said Ellis, a deacon who has seen the church grow much more multicultural.

On any given Sunday, Christians representing 32 nationalities assemble at the red-brick church building, across the street from a subway station.

“This is how it’s going to be in heaven,” said Jean Volcy, an immigrant from Haiti who serves as one of the congregation’s four elders. Peter Dwomoh, another of the elders, is from Ghana.

A bus driver who works 12-hour shifts, Dwomoh arrived in Toronto on a Friday and showed up at the church that Sunday.

As Churches of Christ in Ontario — and throughout Canada — struggle to influence a largely secular culture, Christian immigrants from around the world provide a spiritual and numerical boost, leaders said.

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