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About Bobby Ross Jr.

I hate flying, but I love on-the-ground reporting — so I spend plenty of time in the air.

My journalistic travels have taken me to all 50 states and 12 countries.

I’ve written thousands of news stories, trend pieces, features and columns for The Oklahoman (1993-2002), The Associated Press (2002-2005) and The Christian Chronicle (2005-present).

After eight years as The Christian Chronicle’s managing editor, I transitioned to my current role as chief correspondent. The Chronicle’s U.S. print circulation — now topping 138,000 — and worldwide online audience both keep growing.

Besides my full-time work, I’m a media critic for GetReligion — with more than 1,000 columns published since 2010 — and a freelance writer for major news outlets ranging from Christianity Today to Religion News Service to The Washington Post. 

I’ve even won a few awards.

And talk about burying the lede: I’m crazy in love with my wife, Tamie, and the super-proud father of our son Brady and daughter-in-law Mary, our son Keaton and our daughter Kendall. I’m passionate about my faith, Texas Rangers baseball and country music (the classic kind).

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Above photo: On assignment at a Texas Rangers game.

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