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🇩🇪 At least six dead, plus unborn baby and gunman, in Jehovah’s Witnesses shooting in Germany 🔌

Shooter identified as a former member with ‘ill-feelings.’

By Bobby Ross Jr. | Religion Unplugged

Good morning, Weekend Plug-in readers!

Among the stories we’re following this week: A South Carolina church held a prayer vigil after two members of its community were abducted and killed by a Mexican drug cartel, as WPDE-TV’s Jenna Herazo reports.

Here in my home state of Oklahoma, voters trounced — somewhat surprisingly — a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana. Given the millions of dollars spent by the pro-marijuana side, a faith coalition leader who fought the initiative calls the outcome a “David beats Goliath” victory. I report that story here at

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We start this edition with tragic news out of Germany.

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